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Képaláírás: Courtyard of a building in Bezerédj utca. Amazing place, once you walk in. In the hallway we met a Romani man, who turned out to have lived in The Hague, my hometown, in the Netherlands. His was an interesting life story, but it's half a year ago now, so I don't remember most of it - I really should write things down sooner. He had worked as a musician, and had an impressive knowledge of names of random provincial Dutch towns where one time or another he'd played. His family had lived in Holland in earlier decades too - but those were different times. They played in fancy hotels, he could still mention a few that were indeed places that, in the fifties or sixties, would have had Gypsy musicians playing. Classic soirees. That was all over later, though. He'd moved back and forth, working various jobs, and had returned to Hungary when he got sick. As for the building, he told us, residents had tried getting it listed officially as a monument, but failed. Meaning it is not safe for the redevelopment mania that is taking much of old Nyocker. It's in a fairly obscure corner of the neighbourhood though, so maybe it will escape. It definitely is a wonderful, if dilapitated building. The photo before this and the photo that will come after are in the same place.

Ismertető szöveg: Bezerédi utcai bérház belső udvara.

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