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Ismertető szöveg: The Rákospalota synagogue was one of the last ones constructed in the interwar Hungary, between 1926-27. The construction of the building was financed by voluntary funds, mainly by private persons in the time of Mihály Duschinsky, the Chief Rabbi of the community. Rákospalota, being outside the boundaries of Budapest then, lost almost all of its Jewish population in 1944. The synagogue was bought by the National Széchényi Library (Országos Széchényi Könyvtár) in the mid-1980s, and is used as a book lodge since then. Unfortunately, the courtyard of the synagogue went on under a different ownership; no traces of the school can be found nowadays. All the original front fences, most of the original ornaments have gone. See the contemporary postcard below for comparison. Though it is owned by a state-financed scientific and cultural institution, it is in heavily decayed state now, and despite of being in a very proportional row of excellent places of worship at the old main square of the former small town (next to it a smaller Protestant church, plus a Lutheran church had been erected - especially the latter is a distinguished construction; on the far end of the square there is Aladár Árkay's remarkable Catholic parish church), it is permanently threatened by city development plans. Instead of being an architectural gem of a well cared, beautiful city park, now it faces a gas-station and a supermarket, two simple, rather weak commonplace productions of the mid-1990s, and a football stadium, coming mainly from the fifties.

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