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Ismertető szöveg: Built in the second half of the 1860s on the plans of a Budapest-based architect, Károly Benkó, the detailed architectural design was prepared by the Örömy, Bencz and Bergh partnership, construction works were completed by Wilhelm Fränkel (Vienna). It was inaugurated on 15th September, 1870, together with the 2-storey adajacent building utilized as a Jewish school. As realizing the stylistic character of late historism and Art Noveau at the same time, it served as a pattern for dozens of synagogues throughout East-Europe. After the Holocaust it has become abandoned, from 1960 on the main church hasn't been used for religious purposes any more (the school was used as a venue for the local musical education, and even serves as a Jewish oratory nowadays). In 1968 it was sold to the state, in 1993 it was bought by the city of Győr, in apparently very decayed state. From 2003 to 2006 it was refurbished thoroughly, even the indoor ornaments have been restored according to the original plans, and now it is used as a cultural centre, e.g. it houses and displays the well-known Vasilescu private collection of works of art.

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