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Ismertető szöveg: One of the latest works of Lipót Baumhorn, designed during his last active decade, in 1923. Unlike his ornamented highrise synagogues on the countryside, standing alone in the centre of a larger space (see e.g. Gyöngyös), this one reflects the social & historical changes of the age it was conceived in - the building raised for the Ferencváros Jewish community turns inside, it is closed directly towards from the street, the main entrance can be approached from the court. - What you actually see on the corner, is a later extension, designed by István Mányi when the original building was converted to the Holocaust Memorial Centre, Budapest in 2004. The synagogue itself (original walls towards Tűzoltó Street can be seen in the 2nd and 3rd block on this image) is a stunning construction, though deprived of its original religious attributes.

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